Windmills in Spring

Windmills in Spring! So nice a thought… Spring. Fresh smell of light rain, a lovely breeze moving the spring flowers just starting to pop up. The robins and swans are coming back to Southern Ontario. Sigh!
But! Be Prepared!
It’s only the first half of March! And you know what they say about March coming in like a lamb… It will go out like a lion! So, be prepared! Have sewing and knitting to do when you are stuck in the house! Re-dreaming about spring. Sure, surround yourself with gardening books and dream again of working in the garden, while vibrant fabrics and lovely yarns can be your plants for an any season garden creation!

Which is a great reason to take a class just now.

This week started a new series in making a lap quilt by hand and knitting a sweater from the neck down.

Quilting class has lovely friends and classmates began their new project 12″ first windmill block. Some really branching out and planning bigger quilts than originally designed. Fabulous colours and combinations.
I’m still getting through my graphed lace shawl. And I’m almost finished a spiral cuff sock in tan and brown variegated yarn.
I’m binding 2 quilts and piecing a third. There is also a Quilter’s Project Bag in the works that holds an 18″ x 24″ cutting mat and has pockets for stuff.
Phew! There is stuff to do! Even in the rain.


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  1. Trish said,

    March 27, 2010 at 3:57 am

    Brrrr. You’re certainly right about the lion. We needed our quilts today to keep us warm. Nothing like a warm fire to curl up in front of with a tea to sip and a quilt to sew. Ahhh, I’m feeling warmer already.

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